10 Best Most Amazing Animated Movies of all time [2022]

10 Best Most Amazing Animated Movies:

Though live-action movies are often chosen over-animated ones in the case that they are often made for children, it’s not often true. There are certain emotions and scenes you could only display through animations, and while Disney and Dreamwork seem to have dominated the industry, there are hidden gems in my list of 10 Best Most Amazing Animated Movies.

10. WALL-E

WALL-E - 10 Best Most Amazing Animated Movies
IMDB Rating – 8.4/10

No.10 Spot on the list of 10 Best Most Amazing Animated Movies is Wall-E. Being primarily set in space with minimal dialogues and no humans, WALL-E feels something from a play. Despite being hidden behind the vast catalogs of Disney films, if you ever get hands-on with this masterpiece. This simplistic romance story between two robots reflects on many themes of humanity.

Set in the WALL-E follows… WALL-E, who is a solitary robot given the job of cleaning a barren, unhabitable, and post-apocalyptic earth after humans have left it. However, WALL-E’s life changes when another robot, Eve, is sent on earth for fertility signs. WALL-E falls head over heels for her and follows her to outer space. WALL-E proves that the only limit to storytelling is your own imagination.

9. Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 - 10 Best Most Amazing Animated Movies
IMDB Rating – 8.2/10

Premiering 10 years after Toy Story 2 and 10 years before Toy Story 4, Toy Story 3 is somewhat thought a middle ground in this dormant but somewhat delightful film series. Though the idea of the third installment in this massive film series seemed risky, Toy Story 3 passes that test and, ironically, reflects on themes of letting go of the past.

Andy, who has grown into a college student, moves on from his toys. However, by mistake, her mother gives these living toys to a day-care center, ruled by a pink teddy with his giant baby mannequin. Though at first, things seem normal, Woody and his friends realize that everything is not what they expected. 

8. Toy Story

Toy Story - 10 Best Most Amazing Animated Movies
IMDB Rating – 8.3/10

Tracing back before it became a multimedia franchise, Toy Story was just a simple (almost) 1-hour film with Tom Hanks’ (Cast Away, Forrest Gump) and Tim Allen’s hands on deck to bring this film out from another animated short, Tin Toy. However, what made this film being nominated for three Academy Awards and even winning for one were its worldwide famous characters like Woody and Buzz Lightyear and their iconic friendship “to infinity and beyond.”

The plot follows Woody, a living toy, living happily with other toys and his owner, Andy, until a new toy, Buzz Lightyear, arrives. He becomes the star of everyone, stealing affection everyone originally had for Woody. However, when they both get stuck outside their house, Woody and Buzz team up against many odds, including a jerk kid, Sid.

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7. Up

Up Movie - 10 Best Most Amazing Animated Movies
IMDB Rating – 8.2/10

Up is a unique beast. It’s a light-hearted adventure at one end, while also a man’s journey without the love of his life. The iconic opening montage of Up showcases Pete Docter’s ability to encapsulate all human feelings in a mere 10 minutes.

Up follows Carl Fredricksen, an elder widower searching for meaning in his life after losing his wife. He goes to South America to fulfill a promise to his wife with the help of Wilderness Explorer Russell. They meet a talking dog named Dug, and a giant bird named Kevin, hunted by an explorer.

6. How to Train your Dragon 2

How to Train your Dragon 2 - 10 Best Most Amazing Animated Movies
IMDB Rating – 7.8/10

How to Train Your Dragon 2 does whatever every sequel strives to do but with perfection, i.e., expand the scope of the world while still maintaining the feeling of the first movie just like The Empire Striking Backs (considering it was influential to director Dean Deblois).

Taking place 5 years the original, Hiccup and his friends, grown into young adults, explore the territory unknown beyond the Viking Village of Berk as they find Valka (Cate Blanchett of Thor: Ragnarok and The Lord of the Rings trilogy’s fame), long-lost mother of Hiccup, and encounter a new threat in the form of Drago Bludvist, a madman hellbent on conquering the world.

5. How to Train your Dragon

How to Train your Dragon - 10 Best Most Amazing Animated Movies
IMDB Rating – 8.1/10

Taking the “zero-to-hero” trope and throwing it with Vikings and dragons was the concept behind How to Train Your Dragon, a children’s book series by Cressida Cowell, which was masterfully adapted by Chris Sanders (The Croods). Dazzling animations and thrilling 3D sequences would ensure your family night may go fantastic.

Set in a mythical Viking world where humans detest dragons to the point that everyone wants to be a dragon slayer, Hiccups, an awkward good-for-nothing boy, aspires to be one himself. However, when he finds a dragon, instead of killing him, Hiccups befriends him. Themes of acceptance and being different from others run parallel as Hiccups tries to abolish the culture of hunting dragons in this summer blockbuster.

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4. Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo - 10 Best Most Amazing Animated Movies
IMDB Rating – 8.1/10

Armed with the classic Disney magic of evocative storytelling and colorful CGI, Finding Nemo is a classic, point. Andrew Stanton (Stranger Things, WALL-E, Toy Story) reflects on the humane themes of not losing hope, no matter how dire the situations seem. It also leaves a big message of how fishes have been domesticated to the point of being taken away from their family.

The story follows Martin, an overprotective clownfish, who, with the help of Dory, an amnesiac regal blue tang, must find Nemo (pun intended) after he is lost in a vast, gigantic ocean (or even beyond!).

3. Monsters, Inc.

Monsters, Inc. - Best Animation Movies
IMDB Rating – 8.1/10

I always wondered why my parents scared me by telling me that a monster would eat me if I didn’t sleep. I thought, why the monster would scare me? Why would it hide under my bed, under the pile of smelly socks, and sweating continuously just to see a little child scream? Then, one day, I thought about this useless idea of catching the monster while it thought I would be sleeping. Disney plays on this idea by creating a colorful world, exciting story, an astounding score.

In a world inhabited by monsters, a hairy blue giant named Sulley and his one-eyed green dwarf mike Wazowski, who work at the titular electricity-generating factory Monster Inc., that collects electricity from the screams of little kids. However, the monsters believe children are toxic, and when a small girl sneaks into the factory, Sulley and Mike try to get her home before she is revealed. 

2. A Silent Voice : The Movie

A Silent Voice : The Movie - Best Top Best Animation Movies
IMDB Rating – 8.2/10

A Silent Voice is not a movie; it is a deep psychological study into the human mind and how it can be easily changed by circumstances. Though it’s still animated, A Silent Voice may still break you from inside, and if you were a bully yourself, then be prepared for guilt!

 The story follows Shoya Ishida, a high school student who used to bully a young deaf girl, Shoko Nishimiya until the principal found out about this. After years of living as a social outcast, he finally tries to make amends with Shoko, who takes him on a journey to redemption.

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1. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse - Best Animation Movies
IMDB Rating – 8.4/10

After a list of Dreamworks and Disney flicks on this list, it’s refreshing for even me too to see a new contender. Though Sony never had good luck with Spider-Man property (after mixed bags like Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man 2), it was a surprise for Into the Spider-Verse to be the greatest Spider-Man movie of all time (at least for me).

Miles Morales, an African-American teenager in New York, must save the universe with the help of Spider-People from parallel universes from Kingpin. Though the wacky animations and many characters may put off traditional Spidey fans, after you watch it, you will surely know why I made the bold statement above. Watch this movie once to find out why we have picked it on no.1 spot in the list of 10 Best Most Amazing Animated Movies.

So This is the end of the 10 Best Most Amazing Animated Movies from our side, if you know more movies, comment down below.

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