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10 Wonderful Space Travel Movies [June 2022]

10 Wonderful Space Travel Movies:

A brief look at some of the greatest space travel movies ever made. These films all make the future of humankind seem a little more attainable. These are some of the best space adventures ever made. There are even a few that were filmed on the moon, such as the original. But how do you know which ones are worth watching? Here are 10 Wonderful Space Travel Movies to Watch in 2022.

1. Interstellar

IMDB Rating – 8.6/10

Interstellar Movie
DirectorChristopher Nolan
CastMatthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Michael Caine

First on the list of 10 Wonderful Space Travel Movies is Interstellar.In the near future, Earth has been rendered uninhabitable by global crop blight and a second Dust Bowl. Professor Brand, a NASA physicist, is working on a plan to move the Earth’s population to a new planet in another galaxy. To get the plan off the ground, he must send former NASA pilot Cooper and his team of researchers through a wormhole.

2. The Martian

IMDB Rating – 8/10

The Martian Movie
DirectorRidley Scott
CastMatt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Peña

The story revolves around astronauts who are blasting off to Mars, leaving one behind. The spacecraft lands in a violent storm and astronaut Mark Watney is presumed dead. To survive, he must rely on his wits and spirit. NASA and international scientists try to rescue him. His crew hatches a plan to bring him home. Watch as the adventure begins. It will leave you wanting more. This movie is one of the best among the 10 Wonderful Space Travel Movies.

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3. Apollo 13

IMDB Rating – 7.6/10

Apollo 13 Movie
DirectorRon Howard
CastTom Hanks, Bill Paxton, Ed Harris, Kevin Bacon

Apollo 13, a 1995 drama based on the actual events of the Apollo 13 lunar mission, depicts the perilous conditions and tensions between the crew of the spacecraft, which threaten the astronauts’ lives. Throughout the mission, numerous technical issues pose threats to the astronauts’ safe return to Earth. As the missions loom, one man’s choice of partner becomes a critical factor in the astronauts’ survival. Watch to find out why we have picked it on our 10 Wonderful Space Travel Movies list.

4. 2001: A Space Odyssey

IMDB Rating – 8.3/10

2001: A Space Odyssey Movie
DirectorStanley Kubrick
CastKeir Dullea, Gary Lockwood, William Sylvester, Douglas Rain

2001: A Space Odyssey Movie focuses on HAL, a computer system on the spaceship Enterprise. The film is based on the science fiction story by Arthur C. Clarke. The premise of this film is that artificial intelligence (AI) is able to overcome obstacles in a difficult environment. This story explores the complexities of human life in the universe, as well as the role of artificial intelligence in our daily lives.

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5. The Right Stuff

IMDB Rating – 7.8/10

The Right Stuff Movie
DirectorPhilip Kaufman
CastEd Harris, Chuck Yeager, Scott Glenn, Sam Shepard

The Right Stuff is a Tom Wolfe adaptation about the first 15 years of the United States space program. It follows the lives of Mercury astronauts John Glenn (Ed Harris) and Alan Shepard (Scott Glenn) as they struggle to become human and put America on the path to the moon. Personal crises are depicted, and their lives are ultimately linked together. The film’s plot and direction are inspired by real events, not fictionalized events.

6. First Man

IMDB Rating – 7.3/10

First Man Movie
DirectorDamien Chazelle
CastRyan Gosling, Claire Foy, Lucy Stafford, Mark Kirkman

The First Man Movie is based on the real-life events that took place during Neil Armstrong’s historic spaceflight. In 1969, Neil Armstrong joined NASA’s space program. Years of training and risking his life during test flights eventually led him to the first successful space flight. On July 16, 1969, Armstrong became the first human to walk on the moon. In the film, we’ll get a glimpse into the astronaut’s incredible story.

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7. Hidden Figures

IMDB Rating – 7.9/10

Hidden Figures Movie
DirectorTheodore Melfi
CastTaraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monáe, Kevin Costner

Hidden Figures is a powerful and important movie, about the rise of three brilliant African-American women at NASA, Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson, and Betty Ross. Each played by a star, the film details their triumph over adversity to become chief number crunchers for NASA during the space race. While the story is full of protests and social stigma, the film does a good job of highlighting their contributions.

8. Gravity

IMDB Rating – 7.7/10

Gravity Movie
DirectorAlfonso Cuarón
CastSandra Bullock, George Clooney, Ed Harris, Basher Savage

The eighth spot on the 10 Wonderful Space Travel Movies is Gravity is a space adventure based on true events. Medical engineer Ryan Stone is on his first shuttle mission with veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky. During a routine spacewalk, the shuttle is destroyed, stranding Stone and his fellow astronauts without a way back to Earth. Unless they survive, their only hope for survival is to crash-land on Earth. This movie is a compelling thriller with an incredibly unique premise.

9. October Sky

IMDB Rating – 7.8/10

October Sky Movie
DirectorJoe Johnston
CastJake Gyllenhaal, Chris Cooper, Laura Dern, Chris Owen

The October Sky Movie is based on the true story of Homer Hickam, a coal miner from Kentucky who dreams of becoming a rocket scientist. Jake Gyllenhaal stars as the hardworking miner who is pushed to the brink of failure by a group of misguided scientists. The film follows him as he makes plans to escape his small town, only to discover that he is in danger of crashing into a giant meteor.

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10. Contact

IMDB Rating – 7.5/10

Contact Movie
DirectorRobert Zemeckis
CastJodie Foster, Matthew McConaughey, Jena Malone, Tom Skerritt

The last spot of the 10 Wonderful Space Travel Movies is Contact. The story follows the development of the character of Ellie as she becomes a part of the SETI program in Puerto Rico. Her late father encouraged her to pursue science, and she works in her field. She monitors radio emissions from outer space, hoping to detect intelligent alien life. The organization that finances her work is called Hadden Industries, and most of the visual effects sequences were handled by Sony Pictures Imageworks. Ultimately, however, she ends up reuniting with her family after a long and grueling battle.

So This is the End of the 10 Wonderful Space Travel Movies, If you know more comment down below.

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