11 Best Hollywood TV Shows on Amazon Prime Video [2022]

Best Hollywood TV Shows on Amazon Prime Video:

When it comes to finding the best TV shows on Amazon Prime Video, the options are endless. If you’re more of a contemporary, you can choose from an assortment of popular new series. The streaming service also includes fan favorites from other networks. Here are the 11 Best Hollywood TV Shows on Amazon Prime Video. Watch them now!

11. Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the walking dead - 11 Best Hollywood TV Shows on Amazon Prime Video
IMDB Rating – 6.9/10

In “Fear the Walking Dead,” a sign of the apocalypse has begun in a world unknown to the human race. The gritty, character-driven prequel to the highly acclaimed AMC show, follows high school guidance counselor Madison Clark, who is raising two kids on her own. The chaos is exacerbated by the challenges of blending families, and survival of the fittest is the only way to survive.

Currently, on season seven, Fear the Walking Dead is a popular cable TV series. It stars Alycia Debnam-Carey, Lennie James, Maggie Grace, Austin Amelio, and Mo Collins. The series is set in the American South and follows the group of survivors as they travel to Texas. The conflict between the two groups leads to the deaths of many.

10. The Path

The Path - 11 Best Hollywood TV Shows on Amazon Prime Video
IMDB Rating – 7.3/10

“The Path” is a show with Aaron Paul as Eddie Lane, a new-age spiritualist who has a crisis of faith just as he is expected to advance in the movement. In order to save his marriage and advance his career, Eddie secretly meets with a Meyerist defector and is forced to confront his own doubts. As his wife begins to suspect him of leading a cult, Eddie is forced to decide whether to continue growing in Meyerism and prevent it from turning him into a cult leader.

Despite the fact that the show deals with issues of faith, “The Path” takes its time revealing its flaws and exploring its central themes. The first episode of the season sets up some of the season’s biggest arcs, including a complicated love triangle and the power dynamic between the three protagonists. It’s a slow, painfully boring ride, but it’s worth it. If you can stick with the storyline for the rest of the season, it might be worth a try.

9. Treadstone

IMDB Rating – 7/10

“Treadstone” is an action-packed thriller based on the covert program Operation Treadstone. It explores the history of the program and its relationship to special ops missions in the modern world. The series follows the action in several locations across the world as recruits are turned into superhuman assassins through a secret behavior modification protocol. These assassins are known as sleeper agents.

Treadstone season one combines two main storylines. The 1970s storyline focuses on the rise of the Treadstone organization, which is modeled after the notorious KGB program Cicada. This season begins with SoYun discovering her son is being sent to the same facility where she was turned into an asset. Tara approaches SoYun and tries to disband the Stiletto Six. She eventually ends up getting trapped in an underground bunker and has no choice but to kill him.

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8. Star Trek: Picard

Star Trek: Picard
IMDB Rating – 7.5/10

Star Trek: Picard is set about 18 years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis. Jean-Luc is a retired admiral who is still troubled by the loss of Lieutenant Commander Data and the destruction of Romulus. After all, he’s still the captain of the Enterprise. This series follows the lives of the characters in a series of five novels. It’s not as complicated as it seems, but the plot is still a bit confusing.

The series will follow Picard as he tries to save the Romulan colony. Two decades after the first Star Trek movie, he’s attempting to save the Romulans from death. He threatens to resign if the Star Fleet abandons the Romulans, but they agree. The Star Fleet catches on to his plan and the artificial intelligence turns against the Federation and blows up the Mars colony. In the end, the Federation has a decision to ban them from all member planets. After he was resigned, he retired to his family’s French vineyard to tend to his family’s vines. Watch this series to find out why we have picked this in our 11 Best Hollywood TV Shows on Amazon Prime Video List.

7. Hap and Leonard

Hap and Leonard
IMDB Rating – 7.7/10

The Hap and Leonard Series is a TV adaptation of the bestselling books written by Joe R. Lansdale. It stars James Purefoy, Michael Kenneth Williams, and Christina Hendricks. The character is an ex-con who’s attempting to start a new life in a new town.

Hap and Leonard are a pair of black working class people in East Texas. They’ve spent time in federal prison, where Hap refuses to serve in the army. The series follows them as they go from a rose field in East Texas to an aluminum chair factory. Although Hap tries to steer clear of violence, he often sinks into bouts of depression and despair.

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6. McMafia

McMafia - 11 Best Hollywood TV Shows on Amazon Prime Video
IMDB Rating – 7.7/10

Inspired by the best-selling book series, McMafia follows Alex Godman, the son of an exiled Russian crime family. After years of trying to hide from his family’s past, Alex is now running a legitimate business and planning a future with his girlfriend Rebecca. But the lure of corruption and his family’s old connections to the Russian mafia are too strong to ignore. Alex is drawn into the shadowy world of international crime and must fight for his survival.

With an intricate plot, the McMafia Series has the potential to become a classic. Although the storyline is complex, it is entertaining and engaging. It has already earned the respect of critics and fans alike.

5. The Terror

The Terror
IMDB Rating – 7.9/10

Next in the list of Best Hollywood TV Shows on Amazon Prime Video is The Terror, This is an excellent series for polar explorers. The story is set on the icy shores of the Arctic Ocean, and the characters are cast in unusual roles. Unlike in The Walking Dead, the show’s characters don’t have one singular characteristic that sets them apart. Instead, they act in moments of intense emotion and struggle to survive. The characters’ actions are also shaped by the surrounding circumstances, and viewers can relate to them.

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4. Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan
IMDB Rating – 8.1/10

The Jack Ryan series by Tom Clancy introduced the character of CIA analyst Jack to the world, and was subsequently adapted into films and television shows. The latest in the series, based on an episodic format, is the Amazon Original series, Jack. In the show, John Krasinski plays the protagonist, a young CIA analyst who discovers a pattern in terrorist communications and becomes involved with a new breed of terrorism.

3. Into the Badlands

Into the Badlands
IMDB Rating – 8/10

“Into the Badlands” is an ambitious drama series from AMC, which aims to be both a character-driven character drama and an introduction to the highest level of martial arts filmmaking. The show is a spiritual journey of a teenage boy, centered on the ruthless warrior Sunny, played by Daniel Wu. Sunny mentors M.K. during his spiritual journey and throughout his life.

During the first episode, a sleeping Pilgrim wakes up and begins his search for Henry. Later, he discovers that the River King is after his head. He demands M.K. ‘s head, which is the price for killing him and stealing his cogs. The two fight for survival, and a confrontation with the River King ensues. This is the end of a promising adventure, and Into the Badlands Series ends with a bittersweet conclusion.

2. Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot
IMDB Rating – 8.5/10

The Mr. Robot series follows the exploits of a cybersecurity engineer named Elliot, who works during the day as a cybersecurity engineer, and is a vigilante hacker at night. He is recruited by a mysterious leader of an underground group of hackers who want him to bring down corporate America. However, he is also being paid by the company to protect them. As such, his personal beliefs regarding multinational companies make him hesitant to help them.

The show is a masterpiece, with many great moments and memorable characters. The show is full of witty dialogue, and its realism is undeniably affecting. The character of Mr. Robot is very interesting and well-crafted, and the actors are superb in their roles. Moreover, the plot is very satisfying.

1. The Boys

The Boys - 11 Best Hollywood TV Shows on Amazon Prime Video
IMDB Rating – 8.7/10

No.1 spot of 11 Best Hollywood TV Shows on Amazon Prime Video is The Boys, This series follows a team of super-powered teenagers. While they’re largely respected and influential when using their powers for good, they are also prone to abusing their powers, and this is the case with the Boys. The heroes are utterly powerless in the face of the Seven and their multi-billion-dollar conglomerate Vought. But their heroism doesn’t stop them from rescuing the world.

It’s based on a comic book of the same name by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. This book was originally published by DC Comics under the Wildstorm imprint, but later was released by Dynamite Entertainment. The series follows the exploits of a group of vigilantes as they fight abusers and protect the innocent.

So This is the end of the 11 Best Hollywood TV Shows on Amazon Prime Video from our side, if you know more web series, comment down below.

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