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19 All-Time Best Survival Movies [Updated List 2022]

19 All-Time Best Survival Movies:

For those who aren’t familiar with survival flicks, let me introduce you to some of the 19 All-Time Best Survival Movies. Normally, these movies are based on true stories, but sometimes these films are based on fictional events. The main characters of survival films are often very realistic. The plots of survival films are not too far removed from real life. This is the Best Top 19 Survival Movies in World as per IMDb Ratings which we have handpicked for you.

19. Buried

IMDB Rating – 7/10
Buried Movie

The 2010 movie Buried centers around Paul Conroy, a civilian truck driver in Iraq. He is ambushed by a band of insurgents and is left dead. After a short struggle, he wakes up in a coffin with only a cell phone and a lighter. As his oxygen levels dwindle, he must fight to stay alive, while his battery drains. The film is a gripping thriller that has its share of gore and blood-splattered moments.

18. Everest

IMDB Rating – 7.1/10
Everest Movie

In the Everest Movie, two expeditions begin their ascent to the world’s highest mountain. As they reach the summit, they are enveloped in a blizzard, which causes the climbers to suffer through freezing temperatures and blistering winds. But they can’t give up despite the difficulties they face. In this action-thriller, they prove to be more than human, as they triumph over the odds.

17. I Am Legend

IMDB Rating – 7.2/10

The I Am Legend movie is an action-packed thriller starring Will Smith. It is the story of a brilliant scientist named Robert Neville who survived a man-made plague. Now he’s a wandering scientist in New York, searching for survivors and working on a cure for the plague by using immune blood. But he knows the odds are stacked against him, and the infected are waiting for him to make a mistake – and then they’ll get him.

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16. Rescue Dawn

IMDB Rating – 7.3/10
Rescue Dawn

The story follows Dieter Dengler, a German-born US pilot, who is shot down over the jungles of Laos. He is captured and starved but eventually manages to escape with his fellow prisoners, Duane and Gene. The three of them must find each other in order to save their lives. The story centers around the survival of the surviving crew and their efforts to find each other in the thick rainforest.

15. Lone Survivor

IMDB Rating – 7.5/10
Lone Survivor

The film was directed by Peter Berg, whose 2007 non-fiction book of the same name was published as a novel. The film dramatizes the story of a Navy SEAL reconnaissance team during the Afghanistan war. The mission was to hunt down the Taliban leader Ahmad Shah, and their mission failed. This is the second film based on the book. The stars of Lone Survivor are Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Emil Hirsch, and Ben Foster.

14. The Way Back

IMDB Rating – 7.3/10
The Way Back

The Way Back (2010) is a dramatic, true story inspired by the real-life experiences of Polish political prisoners. The film was directed by Peter Weir, who has directed such films as The Truman Show and Witness. The film follows the story of a man named Janusz (Jim Sturgess), who escapes the Soviet Gulag during World War II. He walks thousands of miles to reach freedom. He is accompanied by his friend and former co-conspirator, Sergei Dobkin (Colin Farrell), who also appears in the film.

13. Trapped

IMDB Rating – 7.6/10

Trapped is a film about a call center employee who accidentally locks himself in a high-rise apartment. Without electricity, food, or water, he must survive without these basic necessities to survive. As he plots his escape, he learns to rely on his wits and ingenuity. However, the premise of the movie is a little farfetched. You can’t see the whole movie without crying.

12. Train to Busan

IMDB Rating – 7.6/10
Train to Busan

The story follows Seok Woo, a workaholic fund manager, and his daughter, Soo-an. Their journey to Busan is complicated by the fact that they live in Seoul with their mother, and it is not her idea of fun. However, when she makes it clear that she wants to visit her mother in Busan, he agrees to let her join them. The two decide to travel by train, and it turns out to be a journey full of surprises. While on the train, they run into a pregnant couple, a schoolgirl and her boyfriend, a homeless man who tells them that everyone is dead, and a strange girl who cries when she is happy.

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11. The Impossible

IMDB Rating – 7.6/10
The Impossible

In December 2004, Maria and her husband Henry (Ewan McGregor) are on a tropical holiday in Thailand. Unfortunately, their idyllic holiday is ruined on the morning after Christmas when a monstrous roar erupts from the depths of the ocean and a black wall of water begins devouring everything in its path. Luckily, unexpected kindness and generosity emerge to save the day and help the family regain their balance.

10. 127 Hours

IMDB Rating – 7.5/10
127 Hours Movie

In this drama, a mountain climber gets trapped under a huge boulder and must take desperate measures to survive. A seasoned adventurer, James Franco plays the role of Aron Ralston, a young man who had always loved the wild places of America. In this thriller, he discovers a new way of living, which may save his life.

9. Gravity

IMDB Rating – 7.7/10
Gravity - Top 19 Survival Movies in World as per IMDb Ratings

In this gripping new space thriller, astronaut Dr. Ryan Stone, a medical engineer, is assigned to his first shuttle mission. His commander, veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky, has the same fate. Their mission fails in the worst possible way: a routine spacewalk goes horribly wrong. Without a way back to Earth, Stone and his crewmates are alone in space, without hope of rescue. One last spacewalk could be their only chance to get home.

8. Captain Phillips

IMDB Rating – 7.8/10
Captain Phillips - Top 19 Survival Movies in World as per IMDb Ratings

The movie tells the true story of a ship captain’s search for his crew. A group of Somali pirates steals the ship, and after a short chase, they escape in lifeboats that resemble pods. The crew of the Maersk Alabama is left with little choice but to surrender. But when the pirates board the Maersk Alabama, they are attacked by US Navy Seals. The ship is damaged and the survivors must flee in order to save them.

7. Cast Away

IMDB Rating – 7.8/10
Casy Away - Top 19 Survival Movies in World as per IMDb Ratings

The movie’s storyline is based on the classic Robinson Crusoe adventure tale. Originally, the idea for the movie came from Tom Hanks’s reading of a FedEx news article. In the story, a 747 was flying across the Pacific three times a day. He wondered what would happen if the plane crashed. He went on to find real-life explorers and put them in the movie, including a woman named Kelly.

6. Apocalypto

IMDB Rating – 7.8/10
Apocalypto - Top 19 Survival Movies in World as per IMDb Ratings

The opulent Mayan kingdom is at the height of its power and opulence. Leaders of the empire believe that they must sacrifice more people to continue to build temples and grow crops. A peaceful hunter, Jaguar Paw, who is scheduled for ritual sacrifice, escapes and returns to his tribe. The destruction of the Mayan kingdom is inevitable and the only way to stop it is to build more temples and sacrifice more people.

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5. Life of Pi

IMDB Rating – 7.9/10
Life of Pi-Top 19 Survival Movies in World as per IMDb Ratings

A cargo ship carrying the sons of Santosh Patel was sunk during a terrible storm. While the only human survivor is his teenage son Pi, a Bengal tiger also escaped and found refuge on the lifeboat. After surviving the ordeal, Pi and the tiger must learn to trust each other. This is one of the most inspiring movies of 2012 that’s why we have picked in our 19 All-Time Best Survival Movies.

4. The Martian

IMDB Rating – 8/10
The Martian - 19 All-Time Best Survival Movies

After blasting off from the planet Mars, a crew of astronauts is left behind. One of them, Mark Watney, is presumed dead by the crew. In order to survive, Watney must use his wits and spirit to survive the storm and return home. While NASA and international scientists strive to bring him back to Earth, his crew hatches a plan to save him. The film will keep you hooked until the very end.

3. Touching the Void

IMDB Rating – 8/10
Touching the Void - 19 All-Time Best Survival Movies

A compelling true story, Touching the Void is about two climbers who attempted to scale the west face of Siula Grande in Peru. The peak is incredibly difficult and had already been attempted by several people. The story follows the climbers’ experiences as they face their fear of the unknown and attempt to reach the summit. The film is based on true events and features great performances by Joe Simpson, Simon Yates, Brendan Mackey, Nicholas Aaron, and Ollie Ryall.

2. The Revenant

IMDB Rating – 8/10
The Revenant - 19 All-Time Best Survival Movies

The Revenant is an acclaimed Western that is a must-see for the whole family. The film follows a frontiersman named Hugh Glass, who survives a bear attack in 1823, only to be left for dead. His hunting party, including Tom Hardy’s character, leaves his son Forrest Goodluck for dead. As grieving parents, Hugh must use his survival skills to find a way back to civilization. Meanwhile, his vengeance fuels his quest to kill his killer.

1. 12 Years A Slave

IMDB Rating – 8.1/10
12 Years a Slave - 19 All-Time Best Survival Movies

The first in the list of 19 All-Time Best Survival Movies is 12 Years a Slave. The movie’s main characters are fascinating and affecting. We meet Solomon Northup, an accomplished violinist born a free man in New York. While he was offered a lucrative position with a circus in Washington, D.C., he was captured and sold into slavery. Ford, a genteel plantation owner, shows interest in Platt and Eliza, and even tries to buy their children. Although he is only able to afford two slaves, the movie’s moral message is a powerful one.

So This is the end of the 19 All-Time Best Survival Movies from our side, if you know more movies, comment down below.

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