Top 9 Best Animation Movies to Watch in 2022

Top 9 Best Animation Movies:

Animation movies are a form of art. They are used for entertainment. Animation movies are the best way to tell stories because they can be more creative and humorous.

Animation movies have been around for more than 100 years, but the animation is still on the rise with new animations being released every year. Adults are also enjoying animated movies nowadays so with this perspective companies are also making animation movies for adults.

So, here we have picked the Top 9 Best Animation Movies to Watch in the 2022 Year.

9. Abominable

Abominable Animated Movie
IMDB Rating – 7/10

Abominable is an animated-action-adventure movie that tells the story of a girl named Yi. Her father’s dream is to do a world tour but unfortunately, her father died and his dreams cannot be fulfilled.

She is fed up with her family and left the home, after leaving she met with a creature Yeti named Everest. Some people kidnapped Everest for their scientific experiment because he has special powers and however he has escaped from those people and met the teenagers named Yi, Peng, and Jin. Those teenagers promise him that they will help him to reach out to his home safely.

Where To Watch – Netflix

8. Klaus

Klaus Animation Movie Netflix
IMDB Rating – 8.2/10

Klaus is an animation-adventure-comedy movie that shows a place that is situated far away from any other place and covered with ice. All the people always remain sad and hard like ice.

A Local postman wants everyone to be happy on Christmas eve. So, he takes the help of a person named Klaus who has magical powers to make the world’s best toys.

He is ready to join hands with the postman and help him to make a happy place but some people do not want the place to be the happiest in the world.

Where To Watch – Netflix

7. The Pilgrim’s Progress

The Pilgrim's Progress Movie
IMDB Rating – 6.2/10

The Pilgrim’s Progress is an animation-adventure-family movie whose story is based on a man named Christian. He thinks that the whole world will destroy and come to an end but no one takes him seriously, they think he is mad.

After that he left the place and his home to do an adventure to find out a safe place to hide, so will be able to find a safe place or the world will destroy or not, you have to watch this movie to find out.

Where To Watch – PrimeVideo

6. Dog Gone Trouble

Dog Gone Trouble
IMDB Rating – 5.8/10

Dog Gone Trouble is an animation-adventure movie whose story is based on the Dog named Trouble who lives with her rich mistress happily but unfortunately, mistress dies.

Mistress’s Nephewies are very greedy, became the new property holder after her death and they don’t like the Trouble. So they sent the dog far away from the place but after some time they realized that dog’s mistress has a will which has written that anyone who has held the property or money of her will have to take care of her dog lifelong otherwise no one will able to take her money or anything.

Where To Watch – Netflix

5. Jack and The Cuckoo Clock Heart

Jack and The Cuckoo Clock Heart
IMDB Rating – 7/10

Jack and The Cuckoo Clock Heart is an animation-adventure-drama movie whose story sets in the 19th century where a child was born whose heart jammed and will be replaced by a clock heart to be alive.

All the family members have told by that they have to take care of the child and protect him from strong emotions and feelings like love. All of them teach him till he went a teenager.

He has started loving a girl and has strong love feelings which are not safe for him because he can die.

Where To Watch – PrimeVideo

4. Shaun the Sheep The Movie

Shaun the Sheep The Movie
IMDB Rating – 7.3/10

Shaun the Sheep is an animation-adventure-comedy movie whose story is based on the character Shaun who wants to take a leave for one day to enjoy. But unfortunately, everyone made a small mistake and they send their owner to a big city where the owner lost.

So, they need to find out their owner in the big city because he doesn’t know anything about the city.

Where To Watch – PrimeVideo

3. Spies in Disguise

Spies in Disguise - Top 9 Best Animation Movies
IMDB Rating – 6.8/10

Spies in Disguise is an animation-action-adventure that shows the story of the most intelligent spy agent. Unfortunately, he has transformed into a pigeon.

Only a tech officer knows about the spy that he has transformed into a pigeon and they have to save the world from danger and they both take help to save the world.

Where To Watch – Diney+

2. Sausage Party

Sausage Party - Best Animation Movie
IMDB Rating – 6.1/10

Sausage Party is an adult animation-adventure whose story is based on the seal-packed food items which think that humans are God for them because they carry them from the market and bring them to their home to take care of.

But in reality, humans bring them to eat, after knowing it they want to run away from them.

Where To Watch – Netflix

1. Nezha Reborn

Nezha Reborn - Top 9 Best Animation Movies
IMDB Rating – 6.9/10

Nezha Reborn is an animation-action-fantasy movie that shows a story about 3000 years ago where war takes place between Nezha and Dragon King, Nezha killed Dragon King and his son because they wanted to destroy the world.

After 3000 years later they were reborn, Nezha is a biker and Dragon king is the son of the richest man. They have their power and a war restarted among themselves.

Where To Watch – Netflix

So This is the end of the Top 9 Best Animation Movies from our side, if you know more movies comment down below.

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