17 Best Snake Movies Evermade in Hollywood to Watch (2022)

Best Snake Movies:

There is a very good reason to watch snake movies. Not only do they scream “awesome”, and have a terrifying reputation, but snake movies are also a great way to learn about different species. There are a wide variety of snake movies on the market, and you’ll be sure to find one that suits your tastes. Here are some of the best snake films out there. Enjoy! The Best Snake Movies Evermade in Hollywood in 2022.

1. Venom (1981)

IMDB Rating – 5.8/10

Venom (1981) - Best Snake Movies
DirectorPiers Haggard
CastKlaus Kinski
Oliver Reed
Nicol Williamson

Venom is a 1981 superhero movie about a German terrorist group. The terrorists kidnapped a 10-year-old child, negotiating a ransom with the police. The kidnappers were aided by the child’s pet snake, which slithered through a ventilation system in the child’s London home. The film depicts the resulting battle between Venom and the terrorists. This is the Best Snake Movies according to IMDB Rating.

2. Sorcerer And The White Snake (2011)

IMDB Rating – 5.8/10

Sorcerer And The White Snake (2011)
DirectorChing Siu-tung
CastJet Li
Shengyi Huang
Raymond Lam

The Sorcerer And The White Snake is a fantasy-adventure film about an ancient serpent disguised as a woman. In the story, the sorcerer fights off a slew of demon temptresses and saves a man’s soul. This fantasy movie is a great family film and will thrill the whole family. Sorcerers are renowned for their mystical powers, and this movie will not disappoint.

3. Snakes on a Plane (2006)

IMDB Rating – 5.5/10

Snakes on a Plane (2006) - Best Snake Movies
DirectorDavid R. Ellis
CastSamuel L. Jackson
Julianna Margulies
Nathan Phillips

In this thriller, FBI agent Neville Flynn (Samuel L. Jackson) is on a flight with his family when he discovers an assassin is on board the airplane. He has hidden a crate full of deadly snakes and releases them in an attempt to eliminate a witness to his crimes. Frightened passengers must band together to survive the threat and save their lives.

4. Sssssss (1973)

IMDB Rating – 5.4/10

Sssssss (1973)
DirectorBernard L. Kowalski
CastStrother Martin
Dirk Benedict
Heather Menzies-Urich

SSSssss is a horror movie from 1973. It is about a modern Frankenstein-type, Dr. Stoner. He hires David Blake, an aspiring scientist, to work in his laboratory. After his previous assistant goes missing, he injects David with a king of snakes serum. As a result, the doctor creates a gruesome creature.

It stars Strother Martin, Dirk Benedict, and Heather Menzies. It is an excellent horror movie that belongs to the 1970s monster and science fiction genres. If you like Giant monster movies, Ssssss may be the right choice.

5. Cold Creek Manor (2003)

IMDB Rating – 5/10

Cold Creek Manor (2003)
DirectorMike Figgis
CastDennis Quaid
Sharon Stone
Stephen Dorff

The premise of Cold Creek Manor is a murder mystery about an old estate that has been empty for a long time. Cooper Tilson is a filmmaker who is tired of living in New York City and has decided to leave it for a country home. With his wife Leah, he buys the old manor and hires Dale Massie, a menacing local who recently got out of prison. As the manor grows vacant, Cooper suspects that the former owner may be responsible for the murders.

6. Anaconda (1997)

IMDB Rating – 4.8/10

Anaconda (1997) - Best Snake Movies
DirectorLuis Llosa
CastJon Voight
Jennifer Lopez
Eric Stoltz

A documentary crew strands a man in the Amazon jungle and discovers that he is a fan of the giant snake. He plans to catch the snake using a boat, and he is soon encircled by the animal. The anaconda tries to escape, but Serone gets caught and crushes both men. The two escape when Danny and Terri manage to cut the bonds, and the anaconda swallows Serone whole.

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7. Curse II: The Bite (1989)

IMDB Rating – 4.8/10

Curse II: The Bite (1989)
DirectorFrederico Prosperi
CastJill Schoelen
J. Eddie Peck
Jamie Farr

Curse II: The Bite follows a young couple as they travel through a nuclear-mutated desert test site. The snakes that they encounter are the result of a failed experiment. As their journey continues, they encounter an evil cult, a secret government lab, and an ancient temple where a deity has been imprisoned. Once their quest is complete, they must find their way back to the temple to save their lover.

8. Stanley (1972)

IMDB Rating – 4.5/10

Stanley (1972)
DirectorWilliam Grefé
CastChris Robinson
Alex Rocco
Steve Alaimo

The classic 1972 movie about the Everglades, featuring a shack-dwelling man named Chris Robinson, has plenty of action, too. It revolves around a predatory snake named “Stanley,” who attacks people with rattlesnakes. The film has many reoccurring themes, from a mysterious missing girl to a family’s plight.

9. Python (2000)

IMDB Rating – 3.6/10

Python (2000) - Best Snake Movies
DirectorRichard Clabaugh
GenreHorror/Natural horror
CastFrayne Rosanoff
Robert Englund
Casper Van Dien

In the Python Movie, a giant man-eating snake takes off on a killing spree after crashing into a military plane. The locals must find a way to kill the snake before it destroys the entire town. The only hope for the locals is a scientist who is able to kill the deadly reptile. However, this scientist will have to fight for his life, and it is not easy.

10. Mega Snake (2007)

IMDB Rating – 3.5/10

Mega Snake (2007)
DirectorTibor Takács
CastMichael Shanks
Siri Baruc
Michal Yannai

In Mega Snake, a rare snake begins to consume the population and destroy it. This movie follows the story of a man who tries to stop the snake from destroying the world. The film is about this dangerous snake. However, when the venom spreads it causes many fatalities. So, if you’re looking for a great family movie, you should watch Mega Snake, which is a must-see.

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11. New Alcatraz (2001)

IMDB Rating – 3.4/10

New Alcatraz (2001)
DirectorPhillip J. Roth
CastDean Cain
Elizabeth Lackey
Mark Sheppard

A twisted tale about the world’s most infamous criminals who face an ancient beast in a revolving prison. With this New Alcatraz, you’ll see how a world-class cast of characters can make the impossible happen. In this twisted tale, the world’s most notorious criminals face an ancient creature that has taken the form of a shark. This story is one that everyone should see.

12. Snake Island (2002)

IMDB Rating – 3.3/10

Snake Island (2002)
DirectorWayne Crawford
CastWilliam Katt
Wayne Crawford
Kate Connor

Snake Island is a scary film about a group of people on a remote island who are terrorized by venomous snakes. As the days pass, they become desperate to survive. The film is set in the year 2000. The storyline is fairly simple – a group of people finds themselves trapped on a deserted island and are plagued by deadly snakes. The people who are left behind on the island must fight the serpents to survive, and the situation becomes worse when a rogue snake attacks.

13. Lake Placid vs. Anaconda (2015)

IMDB Rating – 3.2/10

Lake Placid vs. Anaconda (2015)
DirectorA.B. Stone
CastCorin Nemec
Yancy Butler
Skye Lourie

The genetically modified anacondas and the giant crocodiles escape captivity and begin a war against a small town. The sheriff tries to save the town from being destroyed and to survive in the midst of a seemingly never-ending battle. In this action-packed movie, the sheriff and his staff fight against the evil creatures and try to save the town from destruction.

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14. Piranhaconda (2012)

IMDB Rating – 2.9/10

Piranhaconda (2012)
DirectorJim Wynorski
CastRib Hillis
Michael Madsen
Terri Ivens

In Piranhaconda Movie, a film crew is kidnapped by ruthless kidnappers who want to secure a large ransom for their captured team. But the kidnappers soon find themselves on the run from half-piranha-half-snake monsters, which are killers both on land and in water. 

15. Snakeman (2005)

IMDB Rating – 2.9/10

Snakeman (2005)
DirectorAllan A. Goldstein
CastStephen Baldwin
Jayne Heitmeyer
Larry Day

The science-fiction movie Snakeman is about a team of scientists who come across a multiheaded, deadly serpent in the Amazon while searching for a tribe that guards the fountain of youth. The sleuths are tasked with finding the legendary fountain of youth. While on their quest, they are confronted by the snake. What happens next is a roller-coaster ride of action, danger, and suspense find out why we have picked it in our Best Snake Movies list.

16. Boa Vs Python (2004)

IMDB Rating – 2.8/10

Boa Vs Python (2004)
DirectorDavid Flores
CastDavid Hewlett
Jaime Bergman
Kirk B.R. Woller

In the film Boa Vs. Python, a specially-bred serpent is released to hunt the gigantic snake. The team is able to successfully complete their mission, but there is one major problem: the Boa is much too large. The giant snake is extremely aggressive, but the bred serpent is not able to attack it.

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17. Snakes on a Train (2006)

IMDB Rating – 2.2/10

Snakes on a Train (2006)
DirectorPeter Mervis
CastA.J. Castro
Julia Ruiz
Giovanni Bejarano

Last on the list of Best Snake Movies is Snakes on a Train. In this horror thriller, a young woman under a powerful curse board a train to cure her curse. However, while she is on the train, the snakes that are growing inside her suddenly burst out and attack her fellow passengers. The rest of the passengers are left horrified, and the train is quickly overtaken by a deadly outbreak of snake-like creatures.

So This is the end of the Best Snake Movies from our side, if you know more Movies comment down below.

What are the Best Snake Movies on The Internet?

There are many movies are made on Snakes but which one is the best, we have handpicked 17 Best Snake Movies to Watch Now.

1. Venom
2. Sorcerer And The White Snake
3. Snakes on a Plane
4. Sssssss
5. Cold Creek Manor
6. Anaconda
7. Curse II: The Bite
8. Stanley
9. Python
10. Mega Snake
11. New Alcatraz
12. Snake Island
13. Lake Placid vs. Anaconda
14. Piranhaconda
15. Snakeman
16. Boa Vs Python
17. Snakes on a Train

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