13 Best WordPress Push Notification Plugins to Gain Visitors

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Best WordPress Push Notification Plugins:

If you’ve been blogging for a while, you know how frustrating it can be to get people to visit your site. You pour your heart and soul into each post, but somehow traffic is always low.

One way to increase traffic is by using push notifications. With these plugins, subscribers will receive notifications whenever you publish a new post. That way, they’re more likely to come back and read what you’ve written.

This allows for a more seamless, real-time browsing experience and helps ensure that users get all essential updates from their favorite websites.

This blog post will share 13 of the best WordPress push notification plugins. By the end, you should have a good idea of which will work best for your site. Let’s get started!

What are Push Notifications?

Push notifications are pop-up messages sent directly to mobile app users or website users. They can deliver timely and relevant information to people who have opted in to receive the notifications.

Push notifications provide an effective way for companies to engage their customers with timely announcements, updates, promotions, and offers.

What are Push Notifications?

By leveraging the power of push notifications, companies can build relationships with their customers and increase customer engagement.

6 Benefits of Using Push Notification Service

6 Benefits of Using Push Notification Service
  1. Increase Engagement: Push notifications are an effective way to get your visitors back to your website, as they can be triggered when a user visits or interacts with your content.
  2. Boost Traffic: Push notifications can alert users about new content or offers, which can help boost website traffic.
  3. Reach Out to a Wider Audience: Push notifications can reach an even wider audience, as they can be sent directly to users’ mobile devices regardless of location.
  4. Support Retention Efforts: It can be used to remind visitors of their last visit or purchases, and this can help encourage them to come back.
  5. Improve User Experience: This is a great way to improve your website’s user experience by providing timely updates regarding content or offers.
  6. Cost-Effective: It is a cost-effective marketing tool that requires minimal effort and resources to set up and maintain.

13 Best WordPress Push Notification Plugins



OneSignal Push Notification

OneSignal is a powerful push notification tool for WordPress websites. It allows you to quickly create and manage push notifications for your site and provides a wide range of features to customize your notifications.

You can also target specific user groups with your messages and track the performance of your notifications. Web Push is limited to 10,000 recipients per message in OneSignal Free Plan.

OneSignal is an essential tool for any WordPress site that wants to communicate with its visitors more effectively.

Features of OneSignal

  • Segment User: It can segment users by various criteria, including location, activity, and more.
  • Target Audience: It can send targeted push notifications to specific segments of users.
  • A/B testing: Send different test messages to your visitors by targeting small samples individually and sending the most effective message to the rest.
  • Media Supports: It supports Rich media like images, videos, and carousels in push notifications.
  • Automated notifications: You can send notifications automatically to your readers whenever a new post is published and schedule reminders.
  • Templates: OneSignal has a wide range of templates you can use to create beautiful notifications.

One Signal Pricing

OneSignal Pricing



Gravitec Push Notifications

Gravitec is a powerful push notification tool that helps you keep your WordPress site visitors engaged and coming back for more. With Gravitec, you can easily send push notifications to all major browsers, including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

In addition, Gravitec integrates with popular WordPress plugins like WooCommerce and Gravity Forms, so you can automatically send push notifications when new products are added or form submissions are made.

You can set up automation such as RSS to Push with just one or two clicks. And the best part is that notifications will be sent according to your schedule, so you never have to worry about staying on track manually.

It can also integrate with other popular CMS like Wix, Shopify, Tilda, and others.

Its free plan offers 10,000 Max. Subscribers for campaign per site.

Features of Gravitec

  • Personalization: You can personalize your messages for subscribers. It helps to increase engagement and conversion rates.
  • Campaign Reports: The platform provides detailed analytics to track your campaigns’ performance.
  • Scheduling: You can schedule your messages in advance, sending them at the most optimal time.
  • Tweet to Push: It allows users to Send push campaigns automatically from their Twitter accounts.
  • Push Digest: Set individual digests so that particular accounts only receive unread articles.
  • Drip Campaigns: Send a series of informative notifications for new subscribers, which helps increase CTR up to 5X higher.
  • Bell Icon: Give your subscribers the power to choose which types of content they want to see. Offer a one-click re-subscription option for your visitors too.

Gravitec.net Pricing

Gravitec.net Pricing



WonderPush Push Notification Service

Next on the list is WonderPush, which simplifies sending push notifications for any app or website. Send messages, alerts, and more with just one click! So whether you’re a small business looking to reach more customers or an enterprise with millions of users, WonderPush can help.

With its intuitive interface, you can quickly and easily create powerful push notifications that will keep your audience engaged. From personalized messages to automated campaigns, WonderPush lets you reach customers in real-time with the most impactful marketing messages.

WonderPush offers plans for any size of business, from startups to enterprises. All plans include unlimited notifications and free support, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected costs.

Start your free trial today and see why WonderPush is the best choice for push notifications!

Features of WonderPush

  • Highly Customizable: It is highly customizable, so you can send relevant and targeted messages to your audience.
  • Segment Users: Segment your users based on various criteria, so you can send different messages to different groups of people.
  • Scalable: It is scalable, so you can send millions of push notifications monthly without problems.
  • Multi-Platform Support: WonderPush supports Android, iOS, Web Push, and custom integrations with ease.
  • Rich Notifications: Create beautiful notifications with images, videos, and other engaging elements.
  • Team Collaboration: It makes it easy to collaborate with your team for campaign management.

WonderPush Pricing

WonderPush Pricing



SendPulse Notification Service

SendPulse allows you to send real-time notifications to anyone who has subscribed to your website, no matter their device.

Your customers will always be up-to-date with your website’s latest offers, news, and updates – without constantly checking back.

With SendPulse WordPress Push Notifications, you can keep your customers informed and engaged in real time without any extra work.

Best of all, its Push Notifications are easy to set up, and you can customize them however you want!

Its Basic Plan allows you to send unlimited web push notifications to 10,000 subscribers at no cost.

So start using SendPulse Push Notifications today and start seeing the results!

Features of SendPulse

  • Send notifications in real-time.
  • Personalize your messages with dynamic content
  • Create unlimited segmentation rules for targeting customers
  • Analyze your performance with detailed statistics
  • Set up automated campaigns.
  • Integrate with multiple platforms and tools.

SendPulse Pricing

SendPulse Pricing



PushCrew Web Push Notification

PushCrew Push Notification for WordPress is the easiest way to get your messages out to the world. Get notifications out quickly and easily with a few clicks of your mouse.
You can customize the design, set up segmentation, and track engagement to know who is seeing your notifications.

PushCrew ensures that all your notifications are delivered securely and reliably, so you don’t have to worry about missing any necessary updates.

With PushCrew, you can engage with your audience and inform them with timely notifications on their desktops and mobiles.

PushCrew is the perfect solution for WordPress users who want to keep their readers informed.

You can send unlimited notifications to 2,000 subscribers each month in its free plan.

Features of PushCrew

  • Customizable notification design: Design beautiful notifications that match your brand.
  • Segmentation: Target specific users with segmented push notifications.
  • Automated notifications: Set up automatic notifications for recurring messages.
  • Analytics: Track engagement with your notifications and see who is responding.

PushCrew Pricing

PushCrew Pricing



GetPushMonkey WordPress Push Notification

With GetPushMonkey WordPress Push Notification, you can ensure that your site’s visitors get all critical updates. Its effective service is designed to make it easy for users to send push notifications with just a few clicks.

Plus, they provide real-time analytics so you can easily track the effectiveness of your campaigns and optimize them for maximum impact.

GetPushMonkey WordPress Push Notification is the perfect tool for any website owner looking to keep their visitors engaged and informed.

Its Free plan offers the user to send unlimited notifications to 100 subscribers.

Features of GetPushMonkey

  • Granular Filtering: Its WordPress plugin lets you filter specific post categories and types.
  • Geolocation: Tracking user location & sending targeted notifications based on what they’re most interested in.
  • RSS to Push: Send push notifications to your readers based on your published content.
  • Automate Campaign: With the automation of push notifications, you can be sure that your posts will reach a large audience.

GetPushMonkey Pricing

GetPushMonkey Pricing



iZooto Web Push Notification

iZooto WordPress Push Notification plugin provides an easy way to keep your visitors engaged and informed.

It has developed a messaging system for publishers built on the WordPress platform. It’s easy to use with your blog or website – online storefronts or e-commerce sites.

iZooto’s intuitive dashboard lets you customize web push notifications to target specific audiences and send real-time messages. It also provides detailed analytics to help you track your success and various features such as segmentation, A/B testing, and advanced scheduling.

Its plan starts from $85/month with unlimited notification for 30,000 subscribers and manages up to 3 websites.

Features of iZooto

  • Unlimited web push notifications
  • Advanced targeting and segmentation
  • Real-time analytics
  • A/B testing
  • Advanced scheduling
  • Subscriber management
  • Dynamic content
  • Dedicated support
  • Custom branding
  • Rich media support
  • Monetization

iZooto Pricing

iZooto Pricing



Beamer Push Notification for WordPress

Beamer is a tool that can help you engage with your customers. For example, the notification center on Beams offers a convenient way of announcing new content or discounts without having to post it ourselves!

With GetBeamer, you can create and send notifications to your website visitors from the WordPress dashboard. Create powerful notifications that get your audience’s attention with GetBeamer’s customizable templates, subscription options, and targeting options.

The pricing is affordable and free for hobby projects with up to 1,000 visitors. After that, $49 per month will be charged, so make sure you fill out the form correctly!

Features of Beamer

  • Create Messaging Templates: GetBeamer has a built-in template builder that allows you to create and customize your message templates quickly.
  • Targeted Delivery: It has targeted delivery options so you can ensure that your notifications are sent to the right people.
  • Subscription Management: It also provides subscription management, so you can easily control who receives your notifications and when they receive them.
  • A/B Testing: With GetBeamer, you can test different notifications with your audience and measure the results of each message.
  • Scheduling: It is easy to schedule your notifications in advance, so you can plan out your messages and ensure they reach your audience at the right time.
  • Analytics: GetBeamer provides powerful analytics that allows you to track the performance of your notifications and measure the effectiveness of each message.
  • Automation: It also offers automation options to set up automated notifications that will be sent to your users based on specific triggers.

Beamer Pricing

Beamer Pricing



Subscribers Smart Push Notification Service

Subscribers.com Push Notification is recommended by famous bloggers such as Neil Patel and is an ideal tool for WordPress websites. It allows you to send notifications directly to your subscribers when there’s a new post, product launch, or other important updates.

Subscribers Push Notification also allows you to create automated notifications, so subscribers get the latest content even when they are not active on your website.

Using Subscribers Web Push Notification, you can reach out to more subscribers and expand your reach.

Its free plan can reach up to 200 subscribers with unlimited notifications with Desktop and Mobile support.

Features of Subscribers

  • Automated: Subscribers.com allows you to set up automated notifications for your subscribers easily, so they can receive the latest updates even when they are not actively browsing your website.
  • Easy Set Up: It is simple and easy to set up. You can have your push notifications ready in a few minutes, with no coding required.
  • Customization: Subscribers allow you to customize your notification’s message and visual elements. You can also add images, links, and other content with ease.
  • One Click Installation: Subscribers can be installed with just one click, meaning you don’t need to spend time developing code for the installation.
  • Supports AMP Sites: It supports AMP Sites, mobile-friendly sites that load faster on mobile devices. This means you can easily reach a wider audience.

Subscribers Pricing

Subscribers Pricing



Notix WordPress Push Notifcation

Notix is a Cyprus-based company that provides a powerful communication tool that lets website owners send instant notifications to their visitors, even if they are not currently on the website.

With Notix Web Push Notification, you can easily reach out to your website visitors and let them know about new updates, announcements, promotions, and more.

It provides 30,000 subscribers with no-limit notifications and all available features free of cost.

Features of Notix

  • Better Delivery Rate: Notix ensures that your notifications are delivered to the right people, minimizing the risk of them being marked as spam.
  • Parallel Testing: Notix’s parallel testing feature allows you to test multiple notification providers to see the difference.
  • Database Migration: It also supports you in data migration from other services, so you can quickly transfer your existing notifications to Notix.
  • API Integration: It offers API integration, so you can easily integrate it into your website and have notifications sent out automatically.
  • Emoji Support: Notix also makes it easy to add emojis to your notifications, making them more attractive and engaging. 

Notix Pricing

Notix Pricing



WebPushr Web Push Notification

WebPushr is an innovative tool that helps WordPress users to send Push Notifications, allowing them to connect with their website visitors even when they are not on the website.

WebPushr’s WordPress Push Notification is simple and intuitive, allowing users to craft and deliver notifications with a few clicks. It’s a great way to keep users in the loop and drive engagement with your website content.

By leveraging WebPushr, users can create rich content for their notifications with images, videos, and more.

Its free plan can target up to 10,000 subscribers with limitless notifications and can be used with unlimited websites.

Features of WebPushr

  • Non-HTTPS Support: WebPushr also supports sites that do not have HTTPS enabled.
  • Simple Integration: WebPushr is easy to integrate with WordPress sites, making the setup process quick and straightforward.
  • Unlimited Websites: Users can connect WebPushr with an unlimited number of websites, allowing them to easily manage their notifications from a single dashboard.
  • Effortless Migration: It supports easy data migration from other push notification services.

WebPushr Pricing

WebPushr Pricing



PushAlert Web and Mobile Notification

PushAlert is a full-fledged push notification service that helps you engage with website visitors and mobile app users. PushAlert sends notifications to web and mobile browsers on desktop and mobile devices, giving you the flexibility to reach a broad audience.

It also provides you with detailed analytics so that you can measure the performance of your campaigns.

PushAlert offers a free plan for small businesses to get started quickly for up to 3000 subscribers with E-mail support.

Features of PushAlert

  • Personalized Notifications: PushAlert enables you to create targeted and customized notifications tailored to each user’s interests.
  • Easy Setup: Its setup is straightforward. All you need to do is copy-paste a single line of code to get started.
  • Dynamic Segmentation: PushAlert’s segmentation feature lets you easily send notifications to specific groups of users based on their interests.
  • Seamless APIs: It provides several APIs with detailed documentation, making it easy to integrate PushAlert with your applications and websites.

PushAlert Pricing

PushAlert Pricing



PushEngage WordPress Push Notification Service

PushEngage provides an easy-to-use platform for creating and delivering push notifications to every device and operating system. It also helps you segment your audience, customize messages, target users by behavior, track conversions, and analyze results.

It ensures you get the highest quality web push notifications with a broad range of features and options.

As a result, it helps you stay ahead of the competition and provide your customers with an improved web experience.

With the PushEngage Free plan, you can send notifications to 200 Subscribers and create 30 Campaigns.

Features of PushEngage

  • Customizable Opt-Ins: PushEngage lets you customize the opt-in process to ensure that users are correctly subscribed.
  • Flexible Styles: It offers a variety of style options to create visually appealing notifications.
  • Cart Abandonment: It helps you recover lost sales with cart abandonment notifications.
  • Segment Users: It allows you to segment your users based on behavior, country, device type, and more.

PushEngage Pricing

PushEngage Pricing


In this article, we have compiled some of the best WordPress push notification plugins you can use to increase the number of your website visitors. These plugins are very easy to use and have many features that can help you get more website traffic. If you know more about Push Notification Services, let us know in the comment section.

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