Kunoichi: 5 Crazy Details of Female Ninja Warriors of Japan


The Kunoichi were female warriors who practiced the arts of nighttime seduction. They were considered as deadly as male ninjas but hid their weapons well. One such example is a knife hidden inside a fan. Another method was hiding a blade inside a sex toy. Regardless of the object’s shape, they were able to kill their prey by leaving small scratches.

The Japanese word “kunoichi” literally means “nine plus one”. These women were ninjas with ten holes in their bodies, while men had nine holes. In the past, they were primarily devoted to the quiet assassination. The male counterparts were the ‘kunoichi’ (ninjas), which is also the name of a female ninja.

History of Kunoichi or Female Ninjas

Although there were no historical records of female ninjas, women have appeared in a variety of creative works. According to Mie University historians, a ninja handbook published in the late seventeenth century describes a kunoichi-no-Jutsu technique that was developed by a ninja. This technique was considered evidence of female ninja activity. The name is pronounced ‘Ichi’.

Historically, ninjas wore female costumes, including skirts, and pants. These clothing pieces are very attractive and should not be overlooked. Despite their sexy appearance, They were usually seen as maids, courtesans, or professional entertainers. It is believed that they became Geisya or prostitutes.

Traning of Kunoichi Using Their Beauty

They trained in disguises, using their feminine beauty to their advantage. They controlled their feelings and used them as weapons. They were ruthless in their attacks and would kill without mercy. They also had training in religion and shrine service, which allowed them to move undetected without fear of detection. But these women were not merely sexy. They also had to be a good fighter and were trained in martial arts and combat.

Though they may not look like it, the female ninjas have been feared for centuries. While they appear innocent, they can be deadly when training. Despite their appearance, they can be dangerous and deadly. In fact, male ninjas have been known to use kunoichi as a means to protect themselves and their loved ones. Many modern ninjas also work in security, law enforcement, and private investigations.

Weapons Used by Kunoichi

Weapons Used by Kunoichi

They were famous for their weapons. They wore Neko-te, which was finger sheaths containing claws. Their Neko-te were placed on one or more fingers, and they created a cat-like effect. The Neko-te was a very sharp weapon and often coated with poison. Their Neko-te would lacerate the enemy’s skin, killing them instantly.

The Kunoichi used Neko-te, which were knives that were concealed in women’s clothing. These weapons were sharpened metal claws and were one to three inches long. For added effect, many female ninjas poisoned their weapons. They could easily slip them on and disengage from their enemies by hiding them in their kimonos. This facilitated surprise attacks and avoided detection.

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Mochizuki Chiyome: Created Kunoichi Group

Mochizuki Chiyome created the Kunoichi ninja group as a female alternative to the male ninjas. They were all-female spies and assassins, but their gender was not an issue. They had the same training as men, and many believed they were more dangerous. Regardless of their gender, women were still highly skilled warriors in ancient Japan.

The Templars recruited Chiyome for their new organization. Although the Templars were prevented from expanding their power in Japan due to the constant wars between clans, their philosophy spread through her. Eventually, the Assassin Hattori Hanzo assassinated her and became a symbol of the Templars. A ninja who had the same goal as the Templars is still a hero.

Movie Made on Kunoichi

The Kunoichi: Ninja Girl movie

The Kunoichi: Ninja Girl movie is a Japanese film about a ninja who aims to avenge her father’s death. The story follows a woman who has been kidnapped by evil dudes, who want to infect her with a terrible sexual disease. They plan to infect her entire town and make her a monster. But they haven’t counted on the badass ninja Rina Takeda, who is already familiar with other high-kicking films.

What is the meaning of Kunoichi?

Kunoichi Simple means “nine plus one“. These women were ninjas with ten holes in their bodies, while men had nine holes. That’s why female Ninjas were called Kunoichi.

What is the difference between Shinobi and Kunoichi?

Shinobi were called for Male Ninjas and Kunoichi were called for Female Ninjas in Old Japan.

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