Top 10 Most Popular Hollywood Actors of USA [Updated 2022]

When it comes to popular acting, there are few names more synonymous with the movies. Some of the most well-known actors were actually done theater and made their name on the small screen first. Other aspiring actors went on to become directors, producers, and actors. Some of the Top 10 Most Popular Hollywood Actors of USA stars are listed below.

1. Johnny Depp

Actor, Producer, and Musician
Johnny Depp - Top 10 Most Popular Hollywood Actors of USA

The top actor in the list of Top 10 Most Popular Hollywood Actors is Johnny Depp. Born in Kentucky on June 9, 1963, Johnny Depp grew up in a family of four. His first acting role was in the horror film “A Nightmare on Elm Street“. He landed a role in the television show 21 Jump Street, which helped him build his name and brand. Johnny Depp was also a member of the rock band Hollywood Vampires. However, his personal life is a bit tumultuous.

As a child, Johnny Depp had the personality of a star. He took an interest in performing different shows, and he even received a guitar for his 12th birthday. His early career was dominated by darker roles, though he has recently become an iconic star in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. 

2. Dwayne Jhonson

Actor, Businessman, and Former Wrestler
Dwayne Jhonson

Dwayne Johnson is an American actor, professional wrestler, and philanthropist. He rose to fame in the WWE as “The Rock.” He also has a charitable foundation named in his honor. He has a passion for helping others and has donated millions of dollars to charity. He is also a family man who enjoys watching wrestling.

Born in Canada, Dwayne Johnson attended Freedom High School in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. His father was Canadian and his mother was of Samoan descent. In addition to being a popular actor and a great wrestler, Johnson is a dedicated father and husband. He is a good father and husband and has three children. He is very famous all over the world that’s why we have picked him in the second spot of Top 10 Most Popular Hollywood Actors of USA .

3. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is an American actor and stuntman whose full name is Thomas Cruise Mapother IV born in Syracuse, New York, United States on 3 July 1962. When he was young, Cruise moved to the United States to pursue his acting career. He worked as a busboy in New York, and then went to Los Angeles to audition for movies and TV shows.

In 1981, he signed with a talent agency, CAA. After a few unsuccessful attempts to break into the industry, Cruise became a Hollywood star. After a minor role in Endless Love, Cruise was cast in a major supporting role in Taps. He was also a cast member of “The Outsiders“.He is famous for his role as “Ethan Hunt” in Mission Impossible Franchise. He is famous for his very astonishing and classic stunt that’s why he is on the Top 10 Most Popular Hollywood Actors list.

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4. Robert Downey Jr.

Actor and Producer
Robert Downey Jr.

Born on April 4, 1965, Robert Downey Jr. has been a star in the Hollywood industry for over 30 years. Despite his stardom, he has struggled with substance abuse and prison problems. In fact, he spent time in prisons and rehab facilities and later decided to stop using drugs. Despite the challenges that were thrown his way, Robert Downey Jr. has returned to the spotlight and is enjoying a successful life after recovering from his drug addiction.

Known for playing the character of Tony Stark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Robert Downey Jr. began his acting career at the age of five in the movie “Pound“. He was the son of a famous director and an actress. Robert Downey is best known for his role as Iron Man in the Avengers film series and is on the list of Top 10 Most Popular Hollywood Actors.

5. Will Smith

Actor, Rapper, and Producer
Will Smith

Will Smith is an American Actor, Rapper, and Producer born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the United States on 25 September 1968. Before becoming a movie star, Will Smith had a pretty perfect life. He was a rapper, television personality, and father. His marriage lasted for about a decade before ending in divorce. In 1995, his wife filed for divorce, but the two remained married for two years and shared custody of their son. Despite the split, Smith continued his rap and television careers. He has been married twice since then and his relationship with Jada Pinkett is a happy one.

In 1996, Smith starred in the hit film “Independence Day“, which helped cement his status as a serious player in Hollywood. He became the go-to guy for summer blockbusters. In the film, Smith played a pilot who leads a counterattack against a band of aliens. The film starred Smith’s comedic skills and his trademark one-liners. Will Smith’s career exploded after the success of Independence Day.

6. Leonardo Dicaprio

Actor and Producer
Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo Dicaprio was born on 11 November 1974 in Los Angeles, California, United States. This American actor and film producer is known for biopics, period films, and biopics on Hollywood legends. He’s received a variety of awards, including an Academy Award and two British Academy Film Awards, as well as three Golden Globe Awards.

While his early success is in film, he’s had a career slump following the release of Titanic. After a flop performance in The Beach and The Man in the Iron Mask, DiCaprio starred in Catch Me if You Can, a highly acclaimed drama by director Steven Spielberg. Despite a sluggish start to his career, DiCaprio’s career has risen again in recent years.

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7. Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth is an actor who was born on 11 August 1983. Born and raised in Phillip Island, Australia, Chris Hemsworth’s early years were spent traveling around Australia. He moved there when he was a teenager and became a successful actor. He also starred in the Australian soap, “Home and Away“. He moved to Los Angeles in 2007 but currently lives in Byron Bay, New South Wales, with his wife and three children.

As an actor, Chris Hemsworth has worked as a brother-in-law in “Vacation” and as a team secretary in “Ghostbusters”. He also starred as a U.S. Army captain in 12 Strong. He has starred in a number of films, including the action-thriller “Extraction“, which broke the Netflix viewership record. He was nominated for an MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss. He has justified the role of “Thor” in Avengers and people loved his work very much that’s why we have put him on the Top 10 Most Popular Hollywood Actors list.

8. Vin Diesel

Actor and Producer
Vin Diesel

Born on July 18, 1967, Vin Diesel was raised by his stepfather Irving H. Vincent. His biological father, David Vincent, walked out before the boy was even born. This would have been illegal in some parts of the USA. Irving H. Vincent later became a theater manager and acting instructor. His mother, Delora Sherleen, was German, and his stepfather was English. In college, Vin Diesel studied screenwriting and creative writing.

Vin Diesel has a knack for screenwriting. He developed this talent while attending Hunter College, where he studied creative writing. His interest in the theater began after a failed attempt at vandalism at a local theater. When the artistic director of the theater saw this, he didn’t immediately call the police. He instead offered him parts in his group’s production. The rest, as they say, is history.

9. Brad Pitt

Actor and Producer
Brad Pitt

Bratt Pitt was born on 18 December 1963 in Shawnee, Oklahoma, United States. Brad Pitt has become one of the biggest names in Hollywood, largely thanks to his success in movies such as Moneyball, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and Legends of the Fall. But before becoming famous, he was a movie-lover, too. Brad Pitt was raised in a religious home and grew up as a Southern Baptist. He’s been known to question his religious beliefs throughout his life, swinging between agnosticism and atheism. He once said, “I was a rebel against religion”.

In addition to his successful film career, Brad Pitt is an active producer. His movies have received nominations for the Academy Awards in several categories, including best picture. The Departed (2006) is his most famous film, earning Pitt his fifth nomination for his performance. Other notable movies include Sleepers and the controversial Seven Years in Tibet, which cost over 70 million dollars and received mixed reviews.

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10. Chris Evans

Chris Evans

The last on the list of Top 10 Most Popular Hollywood Actors is Chris Evans. Christopher Robert Evans is an American actor and was born on 13 June 1981. His career began with television roles. He rose to stardom in the 2000 TV Series “Opposite Sex”.Born in Massachusetts, Chris Evans is a Catholic. His father, G. Robert Evans III, is a dentist.

His mother, Lisa Capuano, is a retired teacher who raised a Catholic family. While at school, Evans was active in community theater and acted in community plays. He was also a member of the theatre troupe at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School. His acting skills were further honed at the Lee Strasberg Institute. During his senior year, he graduated half-year ahead of his peers.

This is the end of the details about the Top 10 Most Popular Hollywood Actors.

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