Top 9 World Best Web series in Hindi or English to Watch Now

Top 9 World Best Web series in Hindi or English:

Today, Web Series or TV Shows are more Popular than Movies among the Viewers. They want only an OTT Subscription and a Mobile device to start the entertainment anytime and anywhere.

There are so many OTT Platforms available that provide Web series or TV shows in English. Still, we want to Watch Web Series available in Hindi to get emotionally attached to the series through our language.

So to increase the interest among the viewers, all the big OTT companies are investing more money and trying to release the shows and movies in the local languages so that more and more people can watch the shows and series.

Here is the Top 9 World Best Web series in Hindi or English list, which we pick.

9. Elite


Elite is web series that is a Story of three Friends who gets admission to Spain’s Most expensive school on a scholarship. Initially, students of the school do not accept them, but as the years’ pass, there are quarrels over jealousy, sexual desire, and lifestyle, and in the meantime, a murder takes place. Now you have to watch a series to know who did this murder, and this is the story of the first season only. As the new seasons keep coming, the story becomes more and more enjoyable.

Where To Watch – Netflix

8. 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why

The series revolves around a boy who has a tape, a girl named Hannah Baker leaves before committing suicide. She explains why she has committed suicide and who is responsible for it. The story also focuses on social issues due to which we get emotionally attached to the characters; the series is a bit long but will impact your mind.

Where To Watch – Netflix

7. You

You Web Series

You is a crime psychological thriller series that revolves around a book store manager who falls so deeply in love with an author that he will go to any lengths to keep her happy. The story of the series and characters will keep you hooked till the end. The ending of the series has been done in this way; you will remember that for a long time.

Where To Watch – Netflix

6. Lucifer


Lucifer is a fantasy drama series, a character named Lucifer is the king of the world of demons. Still, he became miserable and bored there, so he relocated to Los Angeles. He opens his nightclub but finds himself on a murder investigation where the mystery goes on layer by layer and keeps interesting. So the series should start only if you have a lot of time.

Where To Watch – Netflix

5. Squid Game

Squid Game

Squid Game is a South Korean series where the story is such that some people have their problems, so they need money to get rid of the issues. So these people go to play a game with different levels of games where the winner will get the money, and the loser will be killed. This series also keeps some bitter truths of society in front of us, sure that we felt attached to it.

Where To Watch – Netflix

4. Witcher


Witcher is an action-adventure-fantasy series wherein the first season story has gone a long way; it has been seen that there are different people who have different stories in different timelines. It is shown how their character has evolved.

Where To Watch – Netflix

3. Prison Break

Prison Break Web Series

Prison Break is a Cime-Action-Drama series; the story is of two brothers from whom one is jailed and the other wants to release him. Every episode is so interesting that you will not be bored even a bit. The script is so interesting; they keep you locked out of the series, along with the way the protagonist uses his brain and solves problems every time our brain gets activated and gives twists and turns give it a boost.

Where To Watch – Disney+Hotstar

2. Ozark

Ozark Web Series

If you want to watch the best crime-drama-thriller “Ozark” is for you, this is a series where we can’t reveal anything because there are many different characters whose story is intertwined, the story is full of suspense and very interesting, but somewhere you may find the series a little slow but be patient because you will get some big surprise ahead of it and the ending of the series will give you a shock.

Where To Watch – Netflix

1. Vikings

Vikings Web Series

Vikings is a drama series that will give you some glimpse of “Game of Thrones,” but its story is not too complicated but not also straightforward. Many characters in the story are killed where you like them or not. War sequences have been seen very well; character development, background music, and cinematography are great and will hold you on this series.

Where To Watch – Netflix

So This is the end of the Top 9 World Best Web series from our side, if you know more web series, comment down below.

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