9 Vegan Foods Helps You to Loose Weight in 30 Days

You don't have to limit yourself to salads and tofu if you avoid animal products. On a vegan diet, you can eat a wide variety of delectable dishes.

- red, brown, or green lentil - chickpeas; split peas; black-eyed pea - black beans; white beans; and kidney bean

Beans, peas, and lentil

You Once have to try Soy vegan Products: - fortified soy milk - soybeans - tofu, tempeh, and natto

Soy product

One should have to eat nuts to loose weight and fit: - peanuts - almonds - cashew - and their butters

Nuts Product

Seeds food such as SESAME SEEDS, sunflower seeds, and their butters, as well as flaxseed, CHIA SEED, and HEMP SEEDS.

Seeds Product

- quinoa - whole wheat - whole oat - whole grain brown or wild rice - as well as products made from these foods

Whole grains

STARCHY VEGETABLES PRODUCT such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, squash, beets, and turnip

Starchy vegetables

- broccoli, cabbage - asparagus, radishes - leafy greens; raw, frozen, canned, dried, or pureed

Nonstarchy vegetable

- apples, pears - bananas, berries - mango, pineapple - oranges, and tangerines Fresh, frozen, canned, dried, or pureed


such as NUTRITIONAL YEAST, algae, fortified plant milks and MAPLE SYRUP & yogurts

Other plant-based food