Lil Baby  Net Worth 2022: Salary, Cars & Earnings

Who is Lil Baby?

Dominique Armani Jones, better known by his stage name Lil Baby, is a rapper from the United States. 

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Lil Baby Car Collection

Lil Baby also owns a Range Rover, a Chevrolet Camaro GT, a Ford, and various other vehicles.

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Lil Baby Net Worth

He has put in a lot of effort and has committed his life to rapping. Lil Baby also has a healthy net worth of $6 million.

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Lil Baby House

Owns very luxurious house in Atlanta, Georgia. Apart from that, he also has several properties in Los Angeles, New York, etc.

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Does Lil Baby have a child?

Yes. Lil Baby have two children. Lil Baby keeps his family life very private and doesn't divulge much information about it.

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Lil Baby Height & Weight

Lil Baby's Height is 5 feet 8 inches and Weight is 154 lbs (70 kilograms).

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Lil Baby Education

Lil Baby did not finish his studies, he became involved in the drug trade and was frequently caught with marijuana.

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Lil Baby Awards

Lil Baby has received numerous honours and awards, including the BET Awards, XXL Awards, and others.

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