A South Carolina angler captured and returned to the sea a massive, 1,000 pound hammerhead shark.

On July 13 off Hilton Head Island, Chip Michalove, the owner of the fishing charter business 

Outcast Sport Fishing, was fishing with fisherman Pete Quartuccio and a friend.

The shark might have broken the state record for the heaviest hammerhead caught if it had been brought back to land.

According to Michalove, "She ripped off 400 yards in roughly 60 seconds." 

"I let go of the anchor and turned the boat to follow. She was going to be huge, but I didn't realise

how huge until we approached her and I could see her width."

Exhausted, the fishermen eventually succeeded in reeling the beast in.

Michalove was aware that the beast break the state record because it was nearly 14 feet long &1,000 pounds.

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