Young Eleven was NOT Millie Bobby Brown in Stranger Things

Meet Martie Blair who played Young Eleven and absolutely flayed it

Millie Bobby Brown walked her through each stage to make sure El's demeanour was spot on, and CGI was employed to finish the change.

Eleven occasionally gives off uncanny valley sensations, which is an undesirable side effect of using facial mapping technology.

Old footage from Bobby Brown's original Eleven scenes appears to be used on occasion, highlighting the uncanny valley moments that do occur.

Martie Blair gives thanks to the Jamie Campbell Bower who played Number 1 for helping her work through scenes.

She also praised Millie Bobby Brown to feel her so comfortable and spending time and helping her to make her scenes AWESOME.

Stranger Things season 4's last two episodes, titled Stranger Things vol. 2, will premiere on Netflix on July 1.

Martie Blair, who played young Eleven, and Millie, who guided her through the entire process, & helps in her scenes.

Eleven returns to her old haunts in Hawkins Lab via flashback in the most recent season.A stand-in was needed for Millie Bobby Brown to film these scenes.